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J. Zhang and Associates, P.C. (the "J. Zhang Law Firm") is a New York-based law firm. Since its founding, J. Zhang Law Firm has been dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional legal services to its clients all over the world. We strive to understand our clients, which means we assist our clients by crafting strategies to solve their problems and cases based on what they need. We pride ourselves in providing our clients' solutions and legal advice in the area of immigration law, domestic and family law, corporation and business law, real estate transactions, civil and commercial litigations, and intellectual property.  We believe that the development of our Law Firm is closely aligned with our clients. Our customer service thrives because of our legal services, and our law firm grows because of our clients. We and our customers complement each other and develop together. We are looking forward to sharing our professional expertise and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with you!


J. Zhang and Associates, P. C.

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