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Intellectual Property / Trademark


Since 2020, more and more Chinese e-commerce sellers started their business in the US. Our law office has also started our legal service to the Chinese e-commerce sellers. We have represented a large number of Chinese e-commerce sellers in legal proceedings, assisting Chinese e-commerce sellers to unfreeze their Amazon store accounts, protect their legal rights, settle the dispute, negotiation, obtain the authorization, and reduce the settlement amount.

At the same time, we also represent our clients in the registration of trademarks, copyrights and patents in the United States, safeguard clients' intellectual property rights, and commence legal proceedings against infringers.

  1. Trademark, Copyright and Patent Registration

  2. Trademark, Copyright and Patent Transfer and Authorization

  3. Trademark, Copyright and Patent Infringement Litigation

  4. Unfair Business/Commercial Competition

  5. Trade Secret Protection and Litigation

  6. Represent Amazon Seller in defending litigation, mediation and arbitration

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