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Our Law Firm has extensive litigation experience. Our attorneys have achieved many significant victories, both in litigation in U.S. courts and in negotiations on behalf of clients. We provide customers with our highest quality service and reasonable prices. In addition, we will provide each client with personalized legal services according to the specific situation of the client, and develop a set of cost-effective solutions, so as to maximize the interests of the client. Our service areas include:

  • Employment/Labor Litigation

  1. Unpaid Overtime and Minimum Wage

  2. Discrimination and Harassment

  3. Salary Dispute

  4. Non-compete Clause Dispute

  5. Worker’s Injury and Compensation

  6. Other Employment/Labor Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation

  1. Breach of Contract

  2. Shareholder Dispute

  3. Commercial Fraud

  4. Business Debt Collection

  • eCommerce legal service (Amazon Seller)  (Please refer to IP service scope)

  1. Amazon Seller Account Deactivate Defense

  2. Litigation and Settlement

  3. Arbitration

  4. Infringement Litigation

  • Cross Border Litigation and Debt Collection

  • Real Estate Related Litigation

  1. Real Estate Transaction Dispute Litigation

  2. Real Estate Developing Dispute Litigation

  3. Commercial Landlord and Tenant Litigation





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